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Support Ethos

Providing great customer service isn't just an aspired to goal for us - it's a core function of our business and at the heart everything we do. IronPeg Media is a support company that happens to build websites. In addition to the depth and industry leading technology of our leisure industry specific website solutions, what also sets us apart from other website providers is the fact that we're fanatical about support.

Our customers are our most valuable asset. Without our customers we are nothing. Our customers therefore receive support that is beyond outstanding. Our customers tell us we provide the best support they've ever experienced from a website provider.

Support Promise

Every customer, no matter how big or small, will have direct access to our directors via email and mobile phone. We're passionate about having our team available at the end of a phone to help you with whatever you need. Our offices are open every working day between 08:45 and 17:00. We have a dynamic support portal where all support requests are logged and you can track progress at all times.

During normal working hours, you will ALWAYS get through to a member of our team - no waiting on hold, no 'press 1 for this' or 'press 2 for that' just good old fashioned telephone conversation.

Support Method

Call us or raise a support ticket:

01246 541933

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